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Fall Prevention from Tankers — What’s New?

A question asked often in our business is“what’s new?”. In many cases it is an enquiry made in the hope that someone, somewhere, has devised a new and ingenious method for providing complete safety of operators on tanker tops, with an installed cost of practically more

Flatbed Tarping - The Dangers of Tarping Flatbed Loads

Tarping flatbed loads is a difficult and dangerous task, especially when it is done manually. Walking on top of unstable or uneven loads is a risk that can lead to tragic falls. The tarps themselves are often heavy and unwieldy creating an ergonomic more

Shale Energy - Modern Gold Rush

Shale Energy is all over the news these days. Areas like North Dakota and South Texas are experiencing the likes of a modern day California Gold Rush. What does all this mean? What is all the fuss about? more

Getting Crude Oil to the Refinery

When your well is located in the vast wilderness of the northern Midwest there aren’t going to be any pipelines to refineries close by, which means you need to move the crude yourself. But How? more

Custody Transfers

Custody Transfers or fiscal metering are one in the same. They refer to the commercial transaction of transporting substance from one party to another. During such a transaction it is critically important for both parties that the measurement of the substance being transported is more

Hoses vs. Loading Arms

In a knock down drag out fight a loading arm would probably defeat a hose just because the hose is already weak from being dragged around the job more

Transloading – Part One

It’s fortuitous to find an oil well and strike it rich, just think how good the Beverly Hillbillies had it. But if you have no way to bring your product to market or in the case of bubbling crude – the refinery – then it isn’t worth anything. If you have a crude oil well out in the middle of nowhere how will you ever get the crude to the pipeline? more

Finding New Ways To Extract and Transport Crude Oil in America

America is number ten on the list of top ten countries in the world with the most oil reserves – right behind Mexico and Libya. So why aren’t we producing more crude oil? more

Fall Protection vs Fall Prevention

Risks are inherent in the activities we perform every day whether driving, flying, walking, or working. Every job has risks but some are riskier than others. If you are going to gamble, make sure it’s with money and not your life. Working at heights is a danger every day. No one should become complacent about it or think, “Oh, it’s not really that high.” Fall prevention was created for a reason and it won’t work if it’s not in more

Hierarchy of Fall Prevention

Prevention Trumps Protection — Actually, the cure IS prevention when it comes to fall protection. Just as in healthcare, prevention is the key to reducing injuries and deaths from falls on the job. When it comes to the force of gravity, no one is more

Fulfilling The Demand For American Crude Oil Despite A Lack Of Infrastructure

As the cost of crude oil rises Americans are looking closely at untapped resources at home – even in areas where there is no pipeline infrastructure. We must be creative and come up with cost ­effective and timely ways to ship crude oil to refineries using other forms of more

How LPG Loading Arms Can Increase Safety and Throughput

Due to the skyrocketing price of crude oil, the United States and other countries are being forced to reevaluate alternative fuel sources. One fuel that seems very promising is liquefied petroleum gas or LPG for more

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