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Carbis Increases Safety and Productivity for World’s Leading Mining Company

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This leading global mining company, based in Southern California, discovers and supplies a wide range of metals and minerals, including aluminum, copper, diamonds, energy products, gold, industrial minerals, and iron ore.

When evaluating its loading process on barges, the mining company discovered that updated equipment could help improve its repair time for its barges, as well as maximize the safety of its workforce. The workforce used a combination of old gangways and ladders to access, repair and exit the dock and vessels, which not only wasted resource time, but also posed a threat to employee safety.

The mining company quickly began a search for a partner to help update their existing infrastructure to improve their efficiency and employee safety. After evaluating several vendors, the mining company chose to partner with Carbis, the world leader in fall prevention solutions. Carbis was chosen because of their expertise in marine access solutions, and their superior attentiveness and response time.

Carbis proposed a fixed barge access gangway that would safely and quickly allow workers to access the barge at any tide level. The solution included a fixed access gangway, which eliminated the need to bring in a forklift and move a gangway or ladder into place to access the barge and also increased safety by giving the workers a single piece of equipment that could access the barge and had handrails and a proper walk surface.

This increased the productivity by decreasing time used to set up the old access equipment and remove it once they were finished with their work. It also provided extra safety for workers and has prevented anyone from injury due to unsafe access equipment.

As a result of their partnership with Carbis, the mining company can now safely access the barges at a much quicker speed and they haven’t had any safety issues with accessing the barge since the equipment was installed