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Carbis Helps Fortune 100 Grain Company Tap Into New Revenue Stream

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Turning an expense into revenue, Carbis helps company retain valuable customers and lower costs

A Fortune 100 grain company which operates the world’s premier crop origination and transportation network faced an expensive challenge in its ship and barge access system.  

In order to access its customer vessels, the grain company had to hire an outside vendor who charged each vessel $5,000 per month. While the grain company did not absorb these charges, it did have to carry liability insurance on the vendor, as well as invest the resources and time to train and monitor the vendor.

The grain company knew it had to reevaluate its system when it began to receive calls from its customers, who stated that the access fees were out of line with what they were charged at other facilities. In order to protect its customers and ensure their best interests, the grain company began to search for a system that could eliminate the outside vendor.

The grain company chose to partner with Carbis, the world leader fall prevention solutions that specializes in customized bulk loading access equipment and turnkey systems for truck, rail, and marine applications. Carbis was chosen as it was able to provide the grain company with a custom-designed solution that met the budgetary requirements for the project.

After a thorough review of the grain company’s access system, Carbis recommended a stationary ship tower with a hydraulic pivoting marine gangway which would allow safe access to and from the vessel. The recommended system integrated with the existing dock and utilized vessel data for the design. Carbis recommended that the system be designed, fabricated and shipped after the grain company’s busy season so as not to interfere with valuable productivity.

It was also noted during the planning phase that the ROI on the system would be realized in a very short amount of time. In fact, the grain company could cut the access cost to its customers in half, and pay for the new Carbis system within a year. Once the system was paid for, the grain company now had access to a new revenue stream previously collected by its outside vendor.

The anticipated results of the project include the elimination of no extra liability on part of the company, ensured retention of their customers through lowered dock and vessel access costs, and the ability to access an untapped revenue stream, adding to company profits and the bottom line.

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