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Truck Access Platforms - Single Hatch

Give your personnel the best fall protection while accessing the top of your trucks.

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Protect falls on a wide variety of trucks and rail cars.

Carbis offers a broad range of products designed to optimize your workplace safety while increasing productivity. Our Truck Single Hatch solutions facilitate safe access to a variety of rail cars and tanker trucks. Our world-class Tank Truck Safety systems can be retrofitted into an existing facility, reducing construction costs and downtime so your firm can remain in operation with a minimum of disruption. Carbis has more than 40 years of experience with the design of fall prevention and is committed to helping you provide the safest possible environment for your firm's personnel.

Our wide range of products will help access multiple hatches including: 

  • Tracking gangway systems
  • Elevating truck cages
  • Articulating truck cages
  • Extended cage systems
  • And more

We can help retrofit these systems into your existing site to minimize your construction costs and keep you in operation. With over 40 years of experience in designing fall prevention solutions for rolling stock, you can feel confident that Carbis will help you with your multiple hatch access needs.

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The Truck Single Hatch solutions available from Carbis are uniquely designed to meet your specifications.

The Truck Single Hatch solutions available from Carbis are uniquely designed to meet your specifications. They can be assembled rapidly to provide significant savings in time and expense; you can even choose to have these units shipped in modular components that can be easily bolted together at your facility. With the Carbis Truck Loading Racks, you can consolidate all of your loading activity into a single platform, effectively freeing valuable space in a process area. And access platforms can be used together with a variety of product loading lines. The Truck Single Hatch equipment from Carbis offers an easy and safe way to gain access to all trucks and rail cars moving through your facility.

  • Assemble quickly to save time and money
  • Choose to have the unit shipped in bolt-together modular components
  • Use the access platform in conjunction with multiple product loading lines
  • Consolidate loading into a single platform to free up valuable space in the process area

They’re a safe, simple way to better reach to all your trucks and rail cars.

Technical Specifications


You can choose from among several different gangway designs available with the Truck Single Hatch and Truck Loading Racks from Carbis to ensure you get the equipment that is most suitable for your specific application. All of our gangways feature a slip-resistant walking surface that furnishes the safest possible access to a wide variety of vehicle types.

  • An efficient and safe work area is provided by the Carbis safety cage, which encloses the top of the vehicle.
  • The standard construction of the Truck Single Hatch and Truck Loading Racks uses a galvanized steel that resists corrosion, but other materials are available.
  • The equipment comes in three different standard heights with 4-foot x 6-foot platforms, and these can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Carbis is the only manufacturer that makes both truck and rail car loading platforms and loading arms, and you can be assured that the fall prevention equipment and loading arms available from Carbis will work together seamlessly.


  1. Available with different gangway types that fit your application – all gangways have a slip-resistant walk surface, allowing safe access to a variety of different vehicles
  2. Safety cage encloses the top of the vehicle being accessed, providing a safe, efficient working area
  3. Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel is standard - other materials available
  4. 3 different standard heights available with 4’ x 6’ platforms; can be customized to fit your specific requirements
  5. Only Carbis manufactures both Truck / Rail Car Loading Platforms and Loading Arms. We guarantee our Loading Arms and Fall Prevention Equipment will work seamlessly!


  • Global Food and Beverage Producer Implements new Custom Fall Protection System from Carbis

    Operators at a global food and beverage production firm were relying on harnesses to protect them from falls while using a worn-out access structure. The company was concerned about being in compliance with safety regulations as well, since the facility is in operation 24 hours per day, seven days per week. After a review of several vendors, the production firm select Carbis, the leading fall prevention specialist in the world, to design custom bulk loading solution that provides safe, up-to-date equipment to access incoming tanker trucks.

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  • Carbis Builds Safe Sampling Rack for International Orange Product Provider

    A major global provider of orange juice and orange byproducts faced considerable challenges when it had to sample product from its tanker trucks and ISO containers.

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  • Your Reputation Precedes You

    Carbis handles the entire package for you – from designs authorized by the client before work begins to the completed project and beyond. Carbis negates any worries so your company can deal with the tasks at hand. A turnkey system ensures that all pieces work together seamlessly as a cohesive unit.Transloading systems designed to suit your company’s individual needs with emphasis on worker safety, expertise, competitive pricing and reliable customer service are the qualities that put Carbis in the lead.

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