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Truck Loading Racks – Multiple Hatches

Access multiple trucks and hatches safely and easily with our truck loading racks.

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Reduce safety risks and increase productivity with multiple hatches truck loading racks.

Truck Loading Racks from Carbis lower your safety risks and enhance productivity by providing access to multiple hatches. Facilities that must access multiple hatch tanker trucks have greater safety risks than others because workers spend more time exposed to potential fall dangers while on top of the truck. Most workers must open vents, hatches, and caps along the entire length of the truck roof, and standard cages and gangways do not offer the safety they need — Loading Access Platforms will meet these needs. Carbis, the world's leading fall prevention specialist, has many products available to help your company provide safe access to trucks with multiple hatches. These include:

Carbis offers many products to help safely access trucks with multiple hatches including:

  • Tracking gangway systems for Loading Racks
  • Elevating truck cages (modals) Access Platforms
  • Articulating truck cages (TCEN) Loading Racks
  • Extended cage systems

Carbis can help you integrate a truck loading rack into existing sites, minimizing the costs of construction and keeping facilities in operation. We have been providing fall prevention solutions for 40 years and can meet all of your Truck Multiple Hatch needs.


Truck Loading Racks minimize construction costs and stay in operation with multiple hatch access.

With Carbis OSHA-approved Truck Loading Rack and Truck Loading Platforms, companies can reduce the cost impact of construction initiatives and remain in operation using multiple-hatch access plans. Carbis Loading Racks can be installed on existing load trucks, providing fall prevention along a truck's full length.  Carbis Truck Loading Rack will:

  • Provide safe access along a trailer's total length
  • Leverage full-length truck fall prevention
  • Maintain maximum throughput at the loading facility and loading rack 
  • Integrate and retrofit loading solutions to existing infrastructure

Carbis can help retrofit a complete loading rack system into your existing site to minimize your construction costs and keep you in operation.


  • Truck Fall Prevention Equipment - Track Mounted Gangway

    The Carbis Fall Protection System works well and is actually used for access onto trucks that are not unloading at this station. Drivers go there voluntarily to open ventilation and then drive from there to their unloading spot rather than attempting to climb their own access ladders. A good reference for a safety system is if it is used even without people being pushed, as all people tend to like shortcuts

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  • Global Food and Beverage Producer Implements new Custom Fall Protection System from Carbis

    Operators at a global food and beverage production firm were relying on harnesses to protect them from falls while using a worn-out access structure. The company was concerned about being in compliance with safety regulations as well, since the facility is in operation 24 hours per day, seven days per week. After a review of several vendors, the production firm select Carbis, the leading fall prevention specialist in the world, to design custom bulk loading solution that provides safe, up-to-date equipment to access incoming tanker trucks.

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  • Carbis Builds Safe Sampling Rack for International Orange Product Provider

    A major global provider of orange juice and orange byproducts faced considerable challenges when it had to sample product from its tanker trucks and ISO containers.

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