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Flatbed Tarping Platforms - Trailer Fall Prevention

Tarping or Securing a Load on a Flatbed can be Dangerous - Flatbed Tarping Platform Improves Safety

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Access the Back of a Flatbed is Now Safer and Easier with Carbis' Flatbed Platforms

Trying to spread a protective tarp over a flatbed load can be dangerous because of shifting contents that may have uneven or slippery surfaces. Any of these instances has the possibility to create a disaster. Protect your drivers by providing them with tarping platforms.

Flatbed trailer fall protection

Carbis specializes in producing flatbed trailer tarping platforms that protect workers from harmful even fatal falls. Once the flatbed is positioned between the two platforms they can be adjusted horizontally with just the touch of a button sandwiching the trailer in between. At that point it’s easy to reach the load for tarping, securing or sampling. Aluminum construction makes it light enough for one worker to maneuver which also saves on manpower. 

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Choose Only What You Need

Besides life saving benefits, Carbis flatbed trailer tarping platforms have additional choices and benefits that allow for superior versatility.

  • Choose single or double side systems.
  • Fixed position and rolling models available.
  • Optional canopy comes in handy for bad weather.
  • Optional swing gates add another level of accidental fall prevention.


fall protection while accessing flatbeds


  • Flatbed Fall Protection Solution

    Gerdau Ameristeel in Petersburg, Virginia called about flatbed fall protection. Their truck drivers were putting themselves at risk while tying down their loads and potentially getting hurt. They had no way to access the flatbed other than climbing up on them which was extremely unsafe.

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  • Flatbed Safety Systems Eliminate Deadly Falls

    Once all flatbed safety systems were installed we were curious to see how the drivers themselves liked using them. So we went back to the site and were thrilled to hear that all the drivers were using and loving the system.

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