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Military Aircraft Systems

Let personnel work on various locations of an aircraft with our aircraft access system loading platform.

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Safety At Every Level

Carbis’ loading platforms let your workers safely perform maintenance on the airframe – even in those hard-to-reach areas. With this military aircraft system it’s possible to replace the need for several types of stands and ladders. Self-propelled maintenance stands have an onboard engine. The drive system has full steering capabilities and “creep mode" for close positioning to the aircraft. Platform has a scissors lift with integrated slip-resistant stairs and adjustable upper level platforms. Fixed anchor tie off points for fall arrest systems. Removable handrails allow for adjustments to achieve access to various airframe locations.


One System Does It All

  • Durable steel construction.
  • Loading platform is self-propelled for easy positioning.
  • Integrated stairs.
  • Removable handrails.
  • No need for heavy equipment to move or lift the unit.
  • Upper level platforms are adjustable so authorized personnel can access areas that require maintenance or inspection.
  • Tie off points for attaching fall arrest systems.

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