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Marine Loading Arm

Makes Loading and Unloading Easier, Faster and Safer

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Farewell Hoses

Too often it seems the problem with loading and unloading marine vessels is that the hoses that are used are not only heavy, they cause clutter, which can be a hazard and sometimes they leak or even break causing a slow down in production. You can eliminate trips, falls, broken hoses and down time by using a marine loading arm instead. The great thing about loading arms is that they’re powered and counter balanced for ease of use. Carbis specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing marine loading arms so we can create one to fit your specific needs whether at a new dock facility or we can retrofit an existing dock.


Marine Loading Arms Can Increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

  • More dock workspace once hoses are removed.
  • Loading arms can be designed with fail safes to protect from major spills that would create huge public and environmental fallout.
  • A more ergonomic design means decreased injury incidents and time missed.
  • Marine loading arms are maneuvered via hand controls and hydraulic power requiring less manpower.
  • Protect your bottom line by decreasing downtime.


  • Carbis Helps Fortune 100 Grain Company Tap Into New Revenue Stream

    The grain company chose to partner with Carbis, the world leader fall prevention solutions that specializes in customized bulk loading access equipment and turnkey systems for truck, rail, and marine applications. Carbis was chosen as it was able to provide the grain company with a custom-designed solution that met the budgetary requirements for the project.

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  • Carbis Helps Customer Make Way for the Mississippi

    Cement manufacturer found itself in the position to relocate its barge loading facility, which included the moving of existing process pipe, the erection of a new pipe bridge, installing fall prevention equipment at all barge access points, and moving utilities from the existing facility to the new loading site.

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