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Hopper Car Handrail

Rail Car Safety Improved with Hopper Car Handrail Fall Prevention System from Carbis

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Operators need a safe, quick way to access all hatches at the top of the car.

It is important that operators can access all hatches on the top of rail cars in the safest way possible. The lifeline system solutions that are often utilized present several problems, however. They are time-consuming to implement, need frequent inspection, and are not very effective at preventing falls. With Rail Enclosures and Hopper Car Handrail systems from Carbis, you can be assured that your personnel are safeguarded and that throughput will be improved at the same time as Rail Car Safety.

Safeguard your personnel and increase throughput with a full fall prevention system!

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Carbis provide full Hopper Car Handrail systems that are much more efficient and effective than lifeline systems. With full handrail systems, you can ensure that:

  • Falls are prevented during access to coffin lids on the tops of cars
  • Easy vehicle spotting is provided
  • Operators maximize their job performance

Carbis systems provide the ultimate in Hopper Car Safety for personnel who must access multiple hatches at one time.

Rail Enclosures and Hopper Car Handrail systems from Carbis include:

  • A self-leveling gangway that can be operated via pneumatic or manual procedures
  • Complete 42-inch high handrail, midrail, and toeboard enclosure
  • A lower edge that is padded to protect vehicles from damage

Technical Specifications


Rail Enclosures and Hopper Car Handrail systems from Carbis include

  1. Self-leveling gangway can be pneumatically, hydraulically, or manually operated
  2. Complete 42" high handrail, midrail, and toeboard enclosure
  3. Padded lower edge helps protect vehicle from damage

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Does your facility meet OSHA Compliance for Loading / Unloading Trucks and Rail Cars? Click here for OSHA.


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