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Full Truck Enclosures

Full Truck Enclosures from Carbis for Fall Safety

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Ensure fall prevention on top of multiple hatch vehicles.

The Full Truck Enclosures from Carbis can be customized to meet your particular needs. They can retrofitted and installed with various stair and platform configurations. For any employer, Fall Safety is a top concern, and Carbis Truck Enclosures will give you the peace of mind you need to keep your workplace as safe as possible.

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Truck Enclosures produce the highest level of Fall Safety in a loading facility, particularly when there is a need to access multiple hatch vehicles on a daily basis. The Full Truck Enclosures from Carbis can:

  • Handle vehicles of various lengths
  • Offer the use of several power options, such as pneumatic, electric winch, air drives, or electric hydraulic methods
  • Eliminate the necessity for foundations due to their self-supporting design - no outboard support frames needed

Full Truck Enclosures improve safety for operators and throughput by eliminating the need to install harness systems.


  • Carbis Maximizes Fall Protection for Chemical Institute

    When large chemical firm were reviewing their existing loading infrastructure used to access multiple vehicle types, they realized that their safety equipment required an update. Using four elevated cage-style loading racks, operators found it difficult to access the multiple vehicle types processed daily in a safe and efficient manner. They called upon Carbis...

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Does your facility meet OSHA Compliance for Loading / Unloading Trucks and Rail Cars? Click here for OSHA.


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