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Full Rail Car Enclosures

Full Rail Car Enclosures Enhance Loading/Unloading Fall Safety

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Say goodbye to tie-offs with our custom rail car safety solutions.

The custom rail car safety products and solutions available from Carbis will help you provide your employees with safe access to multiple rail car hatches at one time without the need for tie-offs. Rail car access equipment can be designed and engineered by Carbis to allow safe access along the entire length of all types of rail cars. Your unique loading environment needs a fall prevention solution tailored to its requirements - there is no one-size-fits-all solution that is appropriate when you must deal with a wide variety of rail cars. Carbis provides both manually-operated and powered systems that will meet your needs whether you need a retrofit or Greenfield. Our systems are meant to clear rail car envelopes while maximizing safety for your workers.

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Carbis Full Rail Car Enclosures protect your work force from falls while ensuring fast and safe access to all the required areas of a rail car at one time. Among the benefits of fall protection equipment from Carbis is faster throughput and a safer facility overall. Rail multiple hatch solutions from Carbis;

  • Enhance workplace safety
  • Allow access to all rail car areas at a single time
  • Permit faster throughput
  • Increase the productivity of your workers
  • Decrease costly downtime
  • Result in greater customer satisfaction

In addition to these benefits, imiplementing the fall prevention solutions designed and recommended by Carbis significantly enhance the potential for your company to enjoy higher revenues and happier customers.


  • Carbis Maximizes Fall Protection for Chemical Institute

    When large chemical firm were reviewing their existing loading infrastructure used to access multiple vehicle types, they realized that their safety equipment required an update. Using four elevated cage-style loading racks, operators found it difficult to access the multiple vehicle types processed daily in a safe and efficient manner. They called upon Carbis...

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Does your facility meet OSHA Compliance for Loading / Unloading Trucks and Rail Cars? Click here for OSHA.


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