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Flat Ramps for Trucks and Rail Cars

Flat Ramps from Carbis Offer Fast and Safe Vehicle Access

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Flat Truck Ramps, Rail Car Ramps from Carbis Designed for Easy Access

If your facility includes loading spots characterized by a need to service the same kind of vehicle repeatedly, Flat Ramps designed by Carbis will provide the walkway safety you need to ensure fall protection for your employees. Carbis can configure Flat Truck Ramps and Rail Car Ramps with several types of safety cages and a choice of optional walk surfaces, and custom and track mounts. Flat Ramps, like all Carbis products, can be customized to your specifications. Gangways are supplied with spring balance operation standard for raising and lowering, but they can be provided with hydraulics or pneumatics for added assistance as well.

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Truck Ramps and Rail Car Ramps from Carbis offer numerous benefits in terms of their flexibility, safety, and easy operation. These Flat Ramps can be used with or without Saf-T-Cages from Carbis, sized to your specifications, and designed to integrate with existing loading/unloading equipment. They can also:

  • Minimize trip hazards on walk surfaces
  • Provide guardrails that comply with OSHA standards
  • Completely enclose the work space
  • Provide standard spring balance for raising and lowering gangways
  • Offer optional pneumatic or hydraulic systems to raise or lower gangways

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Does your facility meet OSHA Compliance for Loading / Unloading Trucks and Rail Cars? Click here for OSHA.


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