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Protect your operators and products from the elements while loading and unloading.

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Keep your work area safe, dry and shaded with a canopy.

The elements can be brutal whether extreme heat or cold. A canopy will deflect some of the heat from the sun and also protect from rain, snow, sleet and more. A canopy will keep workers, equipment and product drier meaning less slips, falls and contamination. A canopy provides protection from the elements all year long so it’s well worth the investment. Carbis engineers can design a canopy to suit your unique needs.


Better Protection = Better Workflow

  • Canopies protect workers and product from weather while loading and unloading.
  • Can be constructed for rail cars or trucks.Safer working environments cut down on injuries, thereby saving money and time.
  • Carbis can create just the canopy or a completely new system with canopy included.


  • Carbis joins in the opening of a new oil field in South Texas

    Several of the top energy producing companies are investing billions of dollars on domestic production of crude through new drilling methods in south Texas. Industry experts are stating this effort will help reverse a two-decade decline. Industry analysts are reporting that the yield from these fields could help reduce the US oil imports by as much as 50%.

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Does your facility meet OSHA Compliance for Loading / Unloading Trucks and Rail Cars? Click here for OSHA.


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