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B-1 Stands

Discover the difference our GSE Aviation Utility Platforms can make in your aviation fall safety equipment.

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Safer Access to Heights

Running up and down steps all day to access several types of planes can be a bit tricky especially when it comes to preventing falls. The B-1 stand from Carbis is for aviation workers of all kinds. It reaches variable heights smoothly with a manual hydraulic system. Self-adjusting slip-resistant steps with handrails allow workers to access several types of planes with differing heights. The large 4’ x 4’ slip-resistant platform creates a roomy workspace while the guardrail system protects workers from stepping off the edge. Sturdy aluminum construction is lightweight, corrosion resistant and has a brick red powder coat finish. Casters allow for easy movement and positioning. Contact Carbis today for your aviation fall prevention needs.


All the Right Moves

  • Designed and constructed specifically for the demands and requirements of the aviation industry.
  • Variable height platform with self-leveling stairs.
  • 500 lb. capacity.
  • 4’ x 4’ platform has a slip-resistant surface.
  • Stairs have ridged design for slip-resistance.
  • 42" high removable handrail system.
  • Platform has padded edges help protect the contact surface from damage.
  • 10" rigid casters on back and 10" swivel casters on front.
  • Other optional wheel types and sizes available.

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