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Asphalt Refinery Improves Distribution with New Railcar Loading System

Since the new loading system has been in operation, the benefit that's been easiest to track is the change in shipping volume, which rapidly doubled. "We believe the cost for the new rack was paid for in the first year of its inception through the returns on the volumes shipped," says Fajen says. More importantly, in 1999, its two rail suppliers, Norfolk Southern Corp. and CSX Corp., recognized the Savannah refinery for outstanding safety in rail car shipping.
The railcar loading system has operated without a single incident since the new Carbis rack was installed. Overall, says Fajen, it has provided a more efficient and safe process to his refinery's distribution system.


truck and rail car loading skidsTruck and Rail Terminal

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Carbis Inc. for supplying our company with superb service and quality products. The sales representatives have been very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.
We recently expanded our Propane and Butane Rail/Trucking terminal to include transfer and storage of denatured Ethanol. With the inclusion of your Bottom Loading A-Frame 4” liquid product arms on our truck loading racks, the new venture has been a success. Many of the drivers claim that we have the fastest and most efficient Ethanol loading system of any terminal they have loaded at, and that the Carbis Arm is extremely user friendly.
Please keep up the good work and thanks again for providing such excellent service.
Matthew S. Hiltz


Truck and Rail Loading Racks

I would like to thank Carbis Inc. for supplying us with superb service and quality products. The Carbis support staff have been very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.
The Fieldsboro NJ Site purchased its first Tank Truck / Seatainer Access System in the year 1998. The system was such a success that we installed an additional 4 like units, 3 portable units, 2 stand alone units and 4 sliding units at our railcar station. The reliability of our Carbis equipment is tremendous. This equipment is used daily around the clock with minimum down time. When we have had the need to replace minor components and make field modification, Carbis engineers were able to assist us without hesitation.
I have never called Pat or Tug and not have them return my call with a solution to my inquiry. Your focus on customer service is greatly appreciated. 
It is a testimony to me that I have befriended Pat Tilton and Tug; I do not usually have close relationship with sales personnel. Keep up the good work and always keep customer focus first.
Dennis J. Pratt